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Shows To Watch For a Tween Girls On Netflix

Finding shows is so hard now so here is a list of the best shows to watch for Teenage girls.

1. Never Have I Ever - Netflix

This show is amazing. The characters' stories are so well thought out. I would highly recommend it. There are 3 seasons and it is rated PG-13.

2. Alexa & Katie - Netflix

The plot of this story is really good. The friendship between these two girls kept me hooked throughout all 4 seasons.

3. Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love - Netflix

This show is interesting. The characters are really good and have a good plot. There are 3 seasons and is PG rated.

4. Motel Makeover - Netflix

This show is a design show about two women who redo a motel. Though there are only a few episodes it is very entertaining to watch. It is PG-13 and is fun to see the designs.

5. The Baby-Sitters Club - Netflix

This show about a group of girls becoming friends is spectacular. The plot of these girls develops in both the book and the show and is fun to watch. It is rated PG and has a great story.

6. No Good Nick - Netflix

The plot of this show is so good. The girl has such a good story. It is rated PG and has 2 seasons.

7. The Circle - Netflix

This show is a social media show that is definitely an R maybe even MA-rated show but is so good. These people compete through social media and there are currently 5 seasons.

8. Greenhouse Academy - Netflix

This drama mystery show will keep you hooked throughout all 4 seasons. A PG almost PG-13 rated show.

9. The Amazing Race

This is not a Netflix original so only a few seasons are on Netflix but the participants are so fun to watch throughout this PG-13 series.

I hope you can now find a show to watch so you're not stuck!

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