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How to Prepare for a Summer at Camp

Summer is just around which means so is camp! To prepare for your summer away here are my top tips and tricks to have a smooth sailing summer.


1. Do not overpack

Overpacking is one of the most common things at camp. To avoid this, check out my camp packing blog.

2. Bring activities

At camp you find yourself having spare time whether that's during rest hours or on a rainy day, you want to have some books, a deck of cards, or anything else that you can play or do.

3. Pack clothes that can get dirty

Over the summer the clothes you bring can get dirty. Though laundry is done every week, clothes can get messy so do not bring nice clothes unless instructed.


1. Avoid pictures

Bringing pictures to camp may sound like a good idea but I would recommend not. Pictures of family, friends, and pets can lead to homesickness and make you miss camp.

2. Send/Recieve 2-4 letters a week

Getting multiple letters from your parents can make you feel lonely. Tell your parents to write you less often. When writing letters, do not overthink what you are saying and you do not have to write a lot.

3. Talk to people

Feeling homesick at camp is completely normal. Whether you want to talk to a counselor or a previous camp member, talking to people makes being homesick so much better.

I hope these tips help you prepare for your summer away. For more packing details, check out my previous blog posts!

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