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Things to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

As the season switches and the leaves change, you want something to do this year to celebrate this amazing season besides the holidays. Here is a list of things to add to your fall bucket list.

Things to do for Halloween

  1. Watch a spooky movie

  2. Carve pumpkins

  3. Decorate house

  4. Go to a haunted house

  5. Buy candy

  6. Paint pumpkins

  7. Tell scary stories

  8. Go ghost hunting

  9. Halloween face painting

  10. Make Halloween playlist

Outdoor Fall Activities

  1. Go apple picking

  2. Go to a pumpkin patch

  3. Get lost in a corn maze

  4. Shop for fall clothes

  5. Go to Starbucks and try a pumpkin spice latte

  6. Attend a football game

  7. Get your nails done in a fall color

  8. Find a fall festival

  9. Visit a local coffee shop

  10. Have a family fall photoshoot

At Home Fall Activities

  1. Bake a pie

  2. Make caramel apples

  3. Plant mums

  4. Roast pumpkin seeds

  5. Dress in a cute fall outfit

  6. Do fall crafts

  7. Prep for Thanksgiving

  8. Light a fall-scented candle

  9. Make a fall floral arrangement

  10. Bake cookies

I hope all of these things make you love fall even more and if you need even more Halloween help check out my costume idea list!

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