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Best Books for Teens and Tweens

Are you bored with your book? Finding a good book can be difficult, here is a list of books to read.

Graphic Novels

Finding graphic novels that are not baby-ish is a hard task. Here are the best graphic novels for teens and tweens.

1. Sunny Side Up

A book about her summer in Florida but filled with old people.

2. El Deafo

This graphic novel is about a girl who has hearing loss and her journey.

3. Measuring Up

The graphic novel Measuring Up is about a girl who joins a cooking contest to visit her grandma.

4. Stargazing

Stargazing is about two girls that seem like polar opposites but end up becoming best friends.

5. Noise

The book Noise is about an introverted girl who just wants to be alone.

Here you can buy some of these graphic novels and even discover more.

Historical Fiction

Reading history sounds boring but these books are sure to keep you entertained.

1. Number the stars

This book is about two girls during World War II having to save each other.

2. Beyond the Bright Sea

A teen girl on a small island going through many challenges, she has to survive.

3. The War I Finally Won

This series is about a young girl during WWII trying to survive.

If you want to find more historical fiction books to read check out the link below.


Are you looking to discover? Here are some of the best mystery books to discover.

1. A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

This book series will finish in a week. As she is discovering a case, it will feel like you're part of the book.

2. The Inheritance Games

A book about a girl solving mysteries in an unfamiliar setting.

3. We were liars

An unforgettable book told… by liars.

If you want to discover more mysteries, here you can buy and discover.


There are so many novels out there, but if you want to pick up a good one, here are the best.

1. Hunger Games

You might know this for the movies, but the series can paint an even better picture than the screen.

2. Divergent

Can you not find your group? Well, neither can this young girl. This series about a futuristic Chicago is sure to keep you fascinated.

3. Wonder

I sometimes wonder how this book is so good. From lots of characters' perspectives, you will soon feel as if you are in the book.

4. Front Desk

Having to control guests at the motel might be hard. Try to come to the front of the desk and control. That's what this girl had to do in this captivating story.

5. Dress Coded

This friend group is fed up with their bodies being a distraction. They have to go through enough and you will go through enough emotions while reading this.

If you need a good place to find these books, check out one of the amazing bookstores in the US.

I hope you will not be bored anymore. Go visit a local bookstore and have a good read. When you're done, come back and find a new book. Enjoy your reading!

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Mar 05, 2023

Very good list! all and everything is my go to for informative blogs!

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